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Find Missing/Late Member Timesheets Easily!
Last year, we released a new "Missing Member Timesheet" report, found at:
Time Tracking > Member Service Hours > Missing Member Timesheets
This report allows Program Directors or Staff to easily identify which Members or Supervisors need to submit or approve timesheets that are flagged as "late or missing" in the database. The report also includes the Member and Supervisor email address, so it's one step to contact them if need be.
We know a lot of customers rely on this report, and it's important to understand how we flag timesheets "late or missing". Currently, we include a timesheet in the Missing Timesheet report, and within homepage timesheet notifications* under the following conditions:
  • Not Started: If a timesheet has not been started by the last day of the period it is included in the missing timesheet report.
  • Late: A timesheet is defined as "late" when it has been saved but not submitted starting on the member due date.
  • Pending: Submitted timesheets which have not been approved as of the member due date.
  • Rejected: Timesheets that have a rejected status as of the member due date.
  • Unlocked: Timesheets that have an unlocked status as of the member due date.
*Currently the homepage notification has been removed due to some timeout issues that are being corrected.

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